For those who feel IP Cameras are an overkill, or the costs of network based surveillance systems are untenable, the optimum choice is UCGF Technology. UCGF stands for ‘Ultra Clarity Grain Free’, and is a technological breakthrough resulting from years of Pioneering development by Zebion’s proficient engineers.

UCGF blends together the best elements of both digital and analog systems, to provide a surveillance solution with crystal clear video quality, while keeping costs drastically low. The UCGF Camera coupled with our special UCGF Video Recorder, ensures video footage is high resolution, exceptionally sharp, abundantly bright and completely void of the grainy images, you see in traditional analog systems.

Lucid is among just a handful of High Definition surveillance kits, that is super-easy to setup and effortless to configure. It takes as simple D-I-Y implementation. No engineers and no consultants required. Harness the power and friendliness of UCGF technology today!

Lucid is not one product but a range of products operating under the revolutionary UCGF technology. 


The LDVR is a unique DVR which has the capability of accepting import from both anolog cameras and lucid own UCGF based cameras. Lucid DVR (aka LDVR) comes in 3 major variant 4 channels, 8 channels, and 16 channels. Viewing and recording resolution can be 1080p and recording resolution can be 720p. The 4 and 8 channels LDVR support hard disk slot of 4 TB capacity. The 16 channel LDVR can support a hard disk of 8 TB capacity.

Lucid Dune is a range of dome cameras working under the UCGF technology. Lucid Dune offers a host of options and body styles to suite the need of various customers and environments. Some versions e.g.  A1 and B1 have built-in array while other option e.g.D1 has array. 



Comparison Between Analog, UCGF & IP Cameras:-


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