U ‘n’ Hue



U ‘n’ Hue, an exceptionally beautiful range of headset, stunning sound with sensational look.  U ‘n’ Hue supports the idea of dual colours. The primary color is design to match with your innate colour as per divine in heritance whilst the secondary colour is for you match your mood or the type of positive energy you wish to draw to yourself. U ‘n’ Hue is for the young and at the young at heart. It’s for those who wants to express themselves and let the world know who they are. It’s a very personal brand and everyone loves to wear their own hue and invite their type of energy. Make your own fashion statement and tell the world who you are. If loving fashion is a crime we plead guilty.

 U ‘n’ Hue comes in four ravishing variant. The series 100 is light weight and simple. It is cost effective but certainly does not compromise on quality. The series 250 is our mid-range of U ‘n’ Hue model which is stunningly pleasing to eyes with a durable body and specially texture exterior. The 250 series will make you cynosure of everyone’s eyes. Series 500 is our next generation high and headset carrying forward the same dual colour tradition as the earlier versions. This variant has special bass enhanced acoustic output. The headphone housing is highly durable and sound experience is excellent and also tailored for life on the move. The outer rushed has lovely colourful texture to carry forward from the 250 series. Series 900 is yet to be launched, however plans are in place for an extremely powerful system that eliminates sound leakage and uses top quality material to give you that wonderful ability to hear all the fine detail.


The entire family has the option for you to match your attire with your headphone or vice versa. U ‘n’ Hue offer its customers unique ability to buy colourful T-shirt matching with your innate colours. You have the choice to select from a large number of printed T-shirt by ordering online. Deliveries are made to your home in quick time. You will also find option where one colour is accompanied by different shades to draw in positive energy.