Are you still using ordinary mice? It’s time to pamper us hand and give more comfort to your

Carpal muscles. The Spider range of 6D optical mice from Zebion in the best choice for you. It’s time u moved to high precision mice, they are comfortable accurate and chic. The spider large – mice from Zebion is especially suitable for meticulous and careful designing such as CAD designing, Graphic designing, Sketching, Illustration and animation. Internal slow lighting gives each mouse a cool sleek appearance and the ergonomic design is most useful for a hard core games. An Internal precision engine is especially good for the swift twist and turns within a Gaming Environments. Comfortable hand size and easy grip and low friction bottom surface makes these mice so easy to use. The sculpted sides not only add to the comfort but also to the aesthetics and the durability. Special slid button on the side and soft touch front buttons add to the pleasure of designing or gaming. The mice have been stringently tested to comply with CE and FCC.