Sonnet is not just a range of ultra-high quality, high fidelity speakers. They are a culture kit.

                While it is difficult to discern between and ordinary speaker and a high-fi speaker by means of today’s peppy sound tracks, you can more definitely realise the difference when it comes audio recording and reciting’s. Sonnet comes along with and elegant 7 GB pen drive that contains high quality studio recording of popularpoetry.Thus the pleasant and moving poetry recites of have been to bring back a taste for literature and culture which we believe as left our society. Design to Shakespeare, Kipling, Nirala, Tagore, Bharatiyar and Marvel at the quality of that pros and sensitivity of his voice. The high fidelity speakers will allow you to here every infliction of the voice, every verbal chuckle, grimace and emotion. Sonnet has been specially manufacture with internal magnets and housed in special MDF casings to give extremely “True” sound output.

Sonnet model S1 has been designed to be affordable and supports a 4500 watt PMPO. The S2 and S3 versions have even greater sound output and have full Bluetooth support. S2 has and output of 5500 watt PMPO and S3 has and output 6200 watts of PMPO. Sonnet is highly suitable as a multimedia speaker.

  The central sub-woofer has specially enhance bass and virtual surround sound capability. The remote offers you hassle free navigation through menus. Bring a difference to you home entertainment experience and try out not just popular music and also sonnet’s unique master piece of poetry. We are certain the power packed performances of Blake, Shakespeare, Prasad, Tagore, and Galib will be unforgettable.

 Sonnet has full support for major devices including smart phones, laptop, media players, USB drives and flash cards. You may also connect it to the television or projector. Most people prefer to get the sonnet high quality microphone to accompany their sonnet speakers.

Sonnet is a cultural movement by Zebion designed to bring back high quality literature, poetry, art, and culture back in the Indian society. A recent study conducted by Zebion by a sample size of 800 respondents in 6 states of India revealed that more than 80% Indians upon doing sales analysis expressed that they themselves don’t have mastery over anyone language including their own mother tongue. Most parents of young children below the age of 14 expressed that they are highly concerned about the language quality of their children and concurred that high quality language and taste full speech is eroding in our society. Some parked the blame on Bollywood songs and the poor quality of lyrics there in. Although we make no moral judgements, we encourage Indian Society to take steps in reviewing literature in various Indian languages through the medium of pros. This websites contains a wealth of information and about literature and in particular poetry. Use our wonderful sonnet recording app to record your own poems which you can then enjoy on your sonnet speakers. 


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