The experts at Zebion offer a complete security service which results in 3600 Iron Clad Security of your premises whether your premises is a commercial or residential environment. Z Level usually involves a project planning, execution and management structure.

We begin with our copyrighted security audit to identify vulnerabilities and security lapses from a third party objective point of view. The security audit includes an extensive study of your infrastructure and an objective analysis of the inherent risks (we call this risk profit analysis). The culmination of audit process is a professional audit report submitted to the client. The report gives a lucid and cogent description of all the editions to be made or changes to be incurred in order to accomplish our overarching objective of 3600 Iron Clad Security. During the audit we look into a number of security elements including

  •          Optimum Surveillance
  •          Intrusion Vulnerabilities
  •          Access Control and Door Entry
  •          Alarm Management
  •          Physical Security
  •          Data Entry Security
  •          Security Lighting
  •          Centralized Automation
  •          Fire Safety
  •          Better Communication for Security
  •          Optimum Broadcasting
  •          Systems Integration
  •          Video Management and Analytics
  •          Audit Trail.


Zebion has a fifty plus member’s professional team which plans, organizes and controls security project execution. Our well trained experienced team leaders have extensive knowledge in the proper allocation of resources and guide the client through a well-documented and well-structured implementation process. After audit and project scoping a document is created called the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). The WBS helps the client understand the scope of execution through a tree structure. There is another document created called the scope of work which explains in significant detail the project’s design scope, time lines, costs, deliverables and schedules.

                At every step our quality assurance staff ensures that project is steering in the right direction that the deliverables decided match the overarching goals and that implemented tasks are performed immaculately.