The world of security is moving to an era where security devices are deeply integrated with computer network and the internet. A fast growing branch within the security field is IP cameras, and Zebion is at the fore front of these technology with the Netveillance range of products. Netveillance provides a number of ultra-modern video surveillance products neatly integrated into a cohesive family.

The Netveillance umbrella contains cameras exceeding one mega pixel whose clarity and details far outclass those of any competing analogue options. When details matter and when quality is paramount there is only one choice for you – Netveillance.


An important member of Netveillance family is Plex which is the network video recorder or MVR unit. Plex is fully complement with the ONVIF protocol and comes in 2 major variants – the class one which is 4 channel and the class 2 which is 9 channel. Plex brings you the power of extensive product of interoperability while also ensuring that your investment is future proof. Plex enables play back and image resolution of 1080 P, playing at 30 frames per second. It also supports motion detection, multichannel alarm input and is usually connected to either a hard disk or NAS (Network Access Storage). Plex has inbuilt Linux operating system and uses the latest H.264 formats. Various options are present for recording which may be trigged by manual means or by exceptional means such as motion, time and alarm.


Netveillance colt is our range of IP based bullet cameras. Colt is especially rugged and designed to handle a wide variety of application needs. Both Power over Ethernet (POE) and externally powered models are available based on user’s preference. The current models are resolution up to 1.3 mega pixel and offer exceptionally sharp image quality. Colt need not connected to Plex or any other NVR system to function.

Colt may be connected directly to a computer or server which in turn facilitates storage on to disk NAS or SD card. The series sturdy metal body and highly weather resistant. 6 built in array LED’s also help facilitate superior night vision. Colt is specially built for long distance coverage, clearness and sharpness is outstanding due to the high calibre lens.


Netviellance Capitall is our range of IP Dome cameras. And these are naturally more vandal resistant because of its unique form factor. Like in the case of Colt, Capitall has audio capability and also 6 built in array LED’s for powerful night time surveillance. Also like Colt it can be either centralized (through NVR) or decentralized (without NVR).

The Netveillance family supports inception and authentication methods such as WPA and TKIP, which ensures that your video footage is safe and cannot be tampered with. Possibilities are infinite within the IP surveillance space and Zebion is constantly innovative.



Comparison Between Analog, UCGF & IP Cameras:-