Muze is a family of inspiring multimedia speakers. In Greek mythology the Muses were the nine daughters of Zeus & were goddess of Music, Lyrics and Poetry. The beautiful Muses inspire all creativity on earth and this is where the word Music came from. Zebion’s Muze range of speakers look so much like the original Muses – pretty, petite and colourful. The Muze speakers are best in class multimedia speakers with melodies yet powerful sound output and crystal clear harmony reproduction.

The Muze family has two 2.1 variants (with sub hoofer and 2 satellite speakers).  The Maxi model is the largest member in the family with 3800 watt PMPO. This is followed by the Meta model which is 2800 watts PMPO. And easily connects to USB drive or devices, USB connectivity like PC MPT players, walkmans etc. The Meta also support SD card and FM and has an exceptionally cute appearance.

                There are also 3 other irresistingly acute products which are in 2.0 format. The muze bolt model is highly portable and can be either detach or locked together in the middle. The tint model is especially beautiful and comes in several bright colours. Young ladies would probably love this one. The variant called mini looks like a split apple and looks charming on the desk of any youngster. From some angles split apple resembles a heart shape (aka amore shape).

                Muze optimizes romance and true love. We encourage you all to take part in our “She is my Muze” contest in which husbands and boyfriends express from the bottom of their heart how their partners inspire them. We love to hear your story and share in with the stories of other.