When it comes to physical fitness and sports, many people shy away because the activity could be monotonous and boring. It is a fact sports man athlete and trainers have known for centuries that the greatest boosts in energy can come from music.

Former U.S open champion and world no.1 Tennis Players, Ivan Lendl, once explained that he had mounted speaker on the trees surrounding his private tennis court at home and thought it would be impossible to reach a crescendo without the help of good music. Other great sportsmen like Michael Jordon, Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, Michael Phillips, Tiger woods, Cristiano Ronaldo and other have often noted the importance of music while training either in the form of ambient music or in-Ear Music.

It is important to understand however that penchants for music in boosting training efforts is not only limited to professional sports. In our daily lives common people often find exercise and recreation to be arduous, but this can be mitigated through the presence of musical aid.

So whether you are a working executives, business men, Students, mother or senior citizen the way to get optimum result from any fitness plan is to being more music into your plan.

The limitless family of music systems have been designed specifically for sports adventure and recreation. It’s a product line that everybody will enjoy. You cannot do without it if you are really serious about getting better in the sports you love.


Limitless Headset X-10

This unique model is designed for intensive workouts and vigorous sporting activity. The special design has a rubberized neck band that is called a memory band because it retains the shape of user’s neck line. The long ear tips go deep into the ear canal and the ear rubbers feel so comfortable. This model has wonderful sound quality and is perfect for gymming, running, and racket sports and trekking. The sleek body is sweat resistant and device has complete call receiving facility.


Limitless Nomad

This another wonderful member of the Limitless family featuring on surround sound system that is easy to carry and has exceptionally long battery life.  Indeed this model also has an inbuilt power bank enabling you to charge your device on the go. The Internal power bank has a capacity of 2000 MAH. This includes cell phones, tablets, music players etc. The Nomad variant is an especially durable construction and special later on the rear surface enables you to mount the device on your ruck sack, sports bag or back pack. The dual membrane shields the internal components from the whether elements and makes the device especially whether and shock proof. Super bass sound quality is accentuated by 360 degree surround sound.  



Limitless Verve

 Is a ravishingly beautiful portable music system. Which works on Bluetooth and supports many other inputs. The slender and sleek portable device comes in 3 creative colours matching the theme of your recreation. The 3 colours 

are Jumble Jungle, Stunning Seaside and Dazzling Daylight. This system is an ideal tag along for those long trekking trips outdoor expeditions. It is also a brilliant “court side” companion. Whether you are a volley ball player or tennis player or badminton enthusiast having verve by the side of your court will make you play better and push you to go the extra mile. In case you are more into leisure than sports, verve is also a great companion for the pleasant evening among the beach or the early morning yoga session at the roof top.



Limitless Handy

Another small member of the family is the Limitless handy and easy belt mount speaker system that is unbelievably comfortable to use and enables you to being with in the halo of captivating music wherever you go. This model is very suitable for those of us who frequently by bus or train. It is also suitable as a companion for all leisure and recreation needs. 



Limitless Amphi

 Behold this wonderful personal speakers which is completely water proof and whether resilient. The Amphi will be relished by the most adventurist among us. This fascinating speaker has 2 way output and can be submerged under water up to 2 meters. Don’t be fooled by its small size or discrete appearance. This unit has seriously high volume output and strong bass. Special rubberized body makes it especially shock proof and rugged. The device has volume controlling and long battery life. 


Limitless X-5




Limitless Thrill Cam



Limitless Husk




Limitless Mesa





Limitless Camp








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