Ingrez is a finger print recognition device used for both attendance keeping and access control. Ingrez leads the way in time attendance biometrics by placing the users finger on censor. Ingrez verifies identity in less than 1 second. Your company is assured fraud free counterfeit free and error free data connection. Ingrez has 3 models within an integrity family.

                Ingrez chevron one uses of minimalistic approach and is the most cost effective member of the family. Attendance records are store within Microsoft excel sheet. The design is robust and long lasted. Communication and storage is threw USB flash back.

                The Ingrez two chevron model is a significantly advanced model with complete networking capability (support for the TCPIL protocol). It comes with a fully functional data based application, which is not only a much safer needs of storage but also has powerful reporting an analytical capabilities. This model has a large 4.3 inch screen and apart from finger print it supports RFID authentication with a large record capacity and durable body it is an apt choice for most businesses.

                The Ingrez 3 chevron model is are most advanced model capable of providing you the same centralized data collection and reporting capabilities of the 2 chevron model, while also providing the add it benefit of access control. The 3 chevron is the best choice for heavy usage and in environments   having large number of staff.

                Ingrez is very appropriate for office entranceway and factory entranceway. It is appropriate of any office with over 10 employees. Ingrez is also used for public application such as schools and colleges. Ingrez model may also be used in commercial environments such a showroom and last stores.