Go4power is a wonderful range of easy to carry and effortless to maintain power banks.

Are you a globe trotter, who travels often for business? Or are you one of those adventurists who loves trekking, camping and sometimes overnight stay in the woods. With Go4power you can ensure that your device can never run out of power. Go4power has 3 major variants, all of which have very robust internal battery storage. All models are sleek, elegant and easily slip into your handbag, laptop bag or briefcase bag or the little pocket in your briefcase bag.

Most of all Go4power gives you peace of mind because you know you will always be able to communicate with your key contacts in times of urgency. P1 has a special harness and loop to mount on your belt loop. P3 is an exceptionally powerful model which gives you incredibly long life.

Go4power is compatible with all major smart phones, cell phone brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Micromax, HTC and others.