Executive Team

Mr. Yogesh Dagale, Director & CEO

Yogesh has extensive experience in Business Administration, Supply Chain, Customer Relations, Marketing and Finance. As the original founder and chief visionary behind Zebion, Yogesh has a long history of conceptualizing solutions to address various customer various needs, in the Security genre and also the ICT genre. Yogesh had over 10 years experience in the corporate world before founding Zebion, including a long stint with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK-India), the pharmaceutical giant. Widely travelled and well-exposed to technology trends, he has lately launched a major Brand Development initiative within Zebion and is making the necessary internal changes to accomplish the lofty goal of creating several high-amplitude brands. Yogesh holds a Bachelors in Science from the University of Pune. Yogesh’s leadership as CEO has helped steer the company from a small two-room setup to a national player with a respectable position. However in his own words he feels we have ‘just scratched the tip of the iceberg”. He is very ambitious for Zebion and is working diligently towards a magnificent and noble long term objective – that includes a global presence for Zebion and a slew of innovative products that will better people’s lives

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Mr. Abhinandan Dagale, Director & COO

Abhinandan holds a Bachelor of Engineer in Electronics, and is one of the founding members of The Zebion Group. He is an expert in the Production Process, Procurement, Quality Control, Channel Sales Management and Sales Force Automation. He heads all Channel Sales operations of Zebion across the country and also overseas. Prior to founding Zebion he had over 10 years experience in the corporate world and has held senior positions in both Indian and multinational companies. Abhinandan is also closely involved in product design, engineering design and product enhancement. His professional networking and relationship building skills have truly been a pillar of strength for Zebion. Last year, Abhinandan introduced an ambitious program of ‘Operational Excellence’ within the company, which is designed to dramatically improve customer service, greatly enhance quality, cut operational costs, and help make Zebion a serious world-class competitor. He has been instrumental in implementing a sound ERP system for the organization which monitors and controls all operations.

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Mr. Abhishek Lodha, Director & CFO    

Abhishek his a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from the United States. He also hold an MBA in Finance and HR, making him the most appropriate member to head Zebion’s Finance, Accounting and Human Resource functional areas. Known within our company as a “voracious analyzer”, Abhishek spends a great deal of his time with various business analytics. He is also heading the consulting arm of our Security Business, overseeing the execution/implementation of turnkey security projects. Often, he personally spearheads project planning, designing, implementation, testing and control. His sound knowledge of Risk Management and Best Practices helps the whole team while executing critical projects. Recently, Abhishek has taken Zebion's service architecture to new heights of professionalism by introducing a unique construct of "security audit", which is a systematic evaluation of the security of a property by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. He continues to innovate within the projects vertical.

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Mr. Saurabh Dey, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Saurabh is our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), heading the department of Marketing. He is a key member in devising corporate strategy. Reporting to the Board, he oversees Marketing Communications, Brand Building, Product/Concept Development, Public Relations, Advertising and Market Research. Prior to joining the group, Saurabh had an illustrious career in Marketing, Advertising, Product Development and PR in Dubai having served clients such as Novartis, Rolex, Guess, Little Caesars and Nautica. He has designed and developed his own Electronic products in the past. He holds an M.B.A (Tech Management & Marketing) from Melbourne, and M.Sc from Newcastle. He is the creative brain behind many of the new Brands launched (or to be launched) by the Zebion Group.

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