In an age when buses, taxis and on hire vehicles can often become the scene of a crime. It is necessary to have security devices to surveil the interior of a vehicle. Autovista is a modern security system with an inbuilt storage and high quality footage. We often recommend the use of not one but two cameras one for the inside view and one for outside view. The on board DVR stores footage in the modern MJPEG video format and the SD card used can have a capacity of 32 GB.

Video footage has a high frame rate and you can repeat storage by section. Our cameras have easy mounting brackets for either suction mount or some other kind of fixture. There is an inbuilt microphone and the 2.5 inch collapsible screen is very convenient to review footage through play back. This security product is highly apt for all

forms of student transportation and staff transportation. Indeed it is our suggestion that every school bus and staff transportation vehicle should compulsorily have one in the wake of the highly discomforting reports. We hear this days about child molestation and crimes against women. The devices also very useful in commercial vehicles such as application where you want to prevent drivers misusing the vehicles for the personal gains. Last but not the least Autovista is very pertinent to public transport vehicle such as city buses and long route buses, they may also be used in passenger trains, rapid transits and ferries.