The Argoz Family of products specialize in the sphere of "Intrusion Defence". Its designed to provide intrusion security to a wide range of environments - including homes, office buldings, office chambers, storage facilities,  warehouses, vaults and certain special environments. Argoz comes in four major variants, all vested with the power to provide the landlord instant notification as soon as unauthorized breakin (or trespass) occurs, either by dialling out to the landlord's cell phone or through a smart mobile application. A hooter or a siren can certainly be attached, albeit many would prefer not to startle the burglar, but instead catch him in the act!!

By instantly relying information about break-ins Argoz empowers the property owner to take immediate counter measures and exercise the best options available. While the most obvious reaction is to inform the police a landlord could potentially take other routes, such as informing neighbours or friends or the society office.

While CCTV cameras remain essential and in many cases indispensable, their primary function is to facilitate post incident analysis not prevent crime. For years citizens and law enforces have felt that CCTV systems alone were insufficient in trying to ensure holistic security of premises or prevent crime. Argoz is the best complement to your CCTV surveillance infrastructure.   Here are are some key highlights -:


No false alarms

Zebion’s extensive consumer research has revealed that the single biggest hurdle to widespread adoption of intrusion alert systems in the past has been a bothersome rate of false alarms. Consequently, the company spent 24 months in the development of an innovative new design that involves twin half-cupped sensors and a combination of both infrared and microwaves to provide a dependable, error-free intrusion
 detection system.

Zebion's proprietary Dual Detection Twin Field (DDTF) technology is a paradigm shift over earlier systems because it is immune to disturbing false alarms caused by innocuous objects such as birds, lizards, or warm swaying drapes which may accidentally come within range.

DDTF devices are only triggered by humans with a body weight over 30Kgs and a height of over 3.5 feet. So you never have to suffer the anguish of receiving an alert only to find later it was caused by a pet.



Four variants

 Named after the mythical Greek God Argos, who had a hundred eyes and could see everything, Argoz comes in four variants for different environments and needs. While Argoz Regular has a coverage range of 18 feet, suitable for one large room, Argoz Plus and Argoz Via can have a series of extender units bringing a large area under watch, such as a villa, large apartment, multi-level store or multi-story office. The most advanced model Argoz Grand is based on IP technology and comes with a built-in camera. It grabs a photograph of the coverage area as soon as intrusion occurs and sends it to the owner’s cell phone through a mobile app. Argoz Grand enables the owners to remotely surveil their premises when the intrusion occurs.

Argoz Regular is the first and most basic of the Argoz family. It designed to be discreet and can be easily mistaken for a internet router. Its been essentially designed in such way, so that intruders and burglers won't be able to percieve it as an Intrusion Detection System. Within a distance of 18ft and detection field area of 1500 ,Argoz Regular can easily cover a single large room, office chamber, stock room or a safe room. Argoz Regular works on Dual Detection Twin Field(DDTF) Core Technology and with GSM communication method, its a foolproof way to protect your home from burglars and intruders.

Argoz Grand Plus's key feature consists of an Inbulit Camera. Just like Argoz Regular, Argoz Grand also has a Detection Field of 18ft and of 150in every direction. But unlike its previous member Argoz Grand's core technology and communication method consists of Pixel Motion Core Technology and Internet Protocol Communication Method respectively. Meaning, as soon as Argoz Grand detedcts a movement it will send you the notification and the picture of the intruder via a mobile app, so that you could take remedial actions.   


Easy installation and maintenance

All Argoz products are incredibly easy to setup and works on the DIY principal. Argoz is effortless to setup and needs no technical knowledge. It requires very low maintenance

Zebion envisages Argoz as more than a one-off product. It is a building block within a much larger security framework, aptly named the Z-Level. This framework is designed to offer all-embracing security to any property, and includes both electronic and mechanical devices in a seamlessly integrated structure. The Z-Level framework is under rigorous testing currently and Zebion expects to formally launch it in May. 





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